Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Englishness - Pub Rules

I’m now up to page 267 (‘Watching the English’ by Kate Fox). In the last 17 pages there has been a lot that I’ve identified with e.g. shopping and some stuff I haven’t identified with e.g. pet rules or ‘petiqiette’…..

The most interesting part of all has been the part on Pub Rules. I always had the sneaking suspicion that as a women (who is also part of a couple) my turn at buying a round in England was always hastily and embarrassedly fobbed off. To begin with I thought maybe it was because I was not drinking as much as them, but then realised I was drinking as much, maybe even more. After a while I just gave my money to the other half and told him to get the round in. Never any squabbles there, but of course now he feels he’s been cheated – every round in three instead of four…..even though I pointed out it was my money which really was his round in four - he’s an accountant so there’s no telling him really.

I was never a drinker in Australia (always the designated driver) so can’t tell you if there is any aversion to us girlies buying a round. Though I do always remember that the guys bought rounds just like England, but the added wild card was who ever had to go for a pee first bought jugs of beer for everyone. It used to get pretty funny with them all holding it and waiting for the weakest one to try and sneak off – they’d lie in wait and as soon as who ever the poor hapless one was they would pour into the loo and all have their FFP (first fatal piss).

How did I go from talking about round buying to guys’ lavatory antics??

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