Saturday, November 20, 2010


Long time no write but the world outside the internets seems to take up all my time!

I've been working on some little minions, I call then Voodudes, and thought it was time to show some of them off to the worlds.
this was my first attempt but he was hard
to turn the right way out
second attempt and some cross breeding experimentation

I have more in the works and will post as and when :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

The nappy bag of swirliness

Both my friend and the sister of He Who Shall Not Be Named are expecting the patter of tiny claws hooves feet and I have decided to sew stuff for them.

I found a pattern and instructions for this hip mama diaper bag on the blog A Mingled Yarn. Of course we don't call them diapers in the UK so I have christened it the nappy bag of swirliness

It's almost really straight forward except for sewing the corners which I only perfected with my second last one so there was a lot of unpicking and swearing going on. At least for the next one the amounts of F's and C's I utter should be fairly limited.

So here is the finished product of the one I made for my friend who is due in July.

I also created a tag by using a iron on transfer however it's not very flexible and I doubt it will stand the test of time so I might fork out some dosh and get some made so I can add them to everything I make.

I love skulls :)

I have a bit more time until the sister of He Who Shall Not Be Named pop's out her bundle of nappiness so that's taken a back seat as I get ready for the Star Wars party I am organising, however I will post pictures when I am done.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My current projects

I love Star Wars, well the original three anyway, and have taken inspiration from some cross stitch projects in the Flickr group Subversive Cross Stitch which have a Star Wars related theme. So here are some teaser pictures of my new needlework in progress:

That's no moon....

craft, that's no moon, needlework.....It's a space station

craft, star wars, needlework, death starthe weapon systems on this Death Star are not yet operational

but wait.............IT'S A TRAP

craft, star wars, needlework, death star
I'm making this for a surprise party which has a Star Wars theme so will be posting other items I will be creating in the future.

I've also made this fleece hat based on a pattern by Heather at dollar store crafts. It is modelled by the Hamster from Creature Comforts. Unfortunately I didn't have the pattern when I sewed it so my ears are a little high and small. If you haven't guessed it's meant to be Yoda not just some random green monster :)

craft, star wars, sewing, Yoda, feltjudge me by my size do you?

May the force be with you

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felting - Raving Rabbid

Even though I have some UFP's I have finished another felting project which is just as cool.

We had a dress a sprout competition at work. Really, it's the best thing to do with a sprout - other than bake it wrapped in bacon so that the lovely bacon fat disguises all the horribleness of the taste of sprout......hmmm bacon......sorry where was I? Oh yes, I dressed my sprout as a Raving Rabbid with a plunger gun. Unfortunately everyone thought my gun was Santa's boot and while I can see what they are getting at it was displayed in front of a background that showed the plunger gun peoples.

Anywho here he is in all his glory:

felting, craft, Raving Rabbid

I'll be back

He is languishing in a box at the moment as the sprout has since rotten and been buried with full honours. So I now need to make him a felt head so I can have him guard my room at night when all the things that come alive while I sleep roam the land.

felting, craft, Raving Rabbid

sad and lifeless not to mention a bit googly eyed :(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Felting - my new craft interest

So, one of the crafts which has been distracting me from my little old blog is felting. It's pretty amazing actually as it's sculpting with wool and it''s not as hard as it looks.

I bought a woolpets kit of a bumble bee and was quite impressed with the fact that it didn't take that long to create and well it actually looks like a bumble bee and not some type of mutated beastie.

Here are some photos:

felting, craft, beehmmm......nectar

felting, craft, beehere's a close up

I'm in the process of felting an eyeball & a brain but at the moments that have become UFP's (UnFinished Projects) which is a little sad because they will be awesome when they are finished.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neglected yet again

Once again I have neglected by blog and it is the love of shiny things that makes it so.

I start out with the best of intentions, committed that I will stick with it this time.........but then, oh look a shiny thing and then I'm off, searching the internet for something, learning a new craft, obsessing about finding out as much as I can about jellyfish - you know that sort of thing.

So since my last entry we have finally finished the house. We are still talking to each other, the artex effect is gone and my arms are the same size.

I've been back to oz to visit the family, have holidayed in Ireland and Spain and done more dreaded walking here in the UK than I like to think about.

I re-purposed this blog along time ago to show of my photographs so here are some random ones from the last couple of years:

a gecko in the light at our hotel in San Pedro Spain

The tip of the rock of Gibraltar

Dundee Beach, Northern Territory, Australia

The highest point in Shropshire*

I promise I will be back soon

*just a note to add here - once again I was 'conned' by He Who Shall Not Be Named and told this was a gentle walk on flat terrain - THIS WAS TO THE HIGHEST POINT IN SHROPSHIRE! Flat my arse