Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felting - Raving Rabbid

Even though I have some UFP's I have finished another felting project which is just as cool.

We had a dress a sprout competition at work. Really, it's the best thing to do with a sprout - other than bake it wrapped in bacon so that the lovely bacon fat disguises all the horribleness of the taste of sprout......hmmm bacon......sorry where was I? Oh yes, I dressed my sprout as a Raving Rabbid with a plunger gun. Unfortunately everyone thought my gun was Santa's boot and while I can see what they are getting at it was displayed in front of a background that showed the plunger gun peoples.

Anywho here he is in all his glory:

felting, craft, Raving Rabbid

I'll be back

He is languishing in a box at the moment as the sprout has since rotten and been buried with full honours. So I now need to make him a felt head so I can have him guard my room at night when all the things that come alive while I sleep roam the land.

felting, craft, Raving Rabbid

sad and lifeless not to mention a bit googly eyed :(

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