Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neglected yet again

Once again I have neglected by blog and it is the love of shiny things that makes it so.

I start out with the best of intentions, committed that I will stick with it this time.........but then, oh look a shiny thing and then I'm off, searching the internet for something, learning a new craft, obsessing about finding out as much as I can about jellyfish - you know that sort of thing.

So since my last entry we have finally finished the house. We are still talking to each other, the artex effect is gone and my arms are the same size.

I've been back to oz to visit the family, have holidayed in Ireland and Spain and done more dreaded walking here in the UK than I like to think about.

I re-purposed this blog along time ago to show of my photographs so here are some random ones from the last couple of years:

a gecko in the light at our hotel in San Pedro Spain

The tip of the rock of Gibraltar

Dundee Beach, Northern Territory, Australia

The highest point in Shropshire*

I promise I will be back soon

*just a note to add here - once again I was 'conned' by He Who Shall Not Be Named and told this was a gentle walk on flat terrain - THIS WAS TO THE HIGHEST POINT IN SHROPSHIRE! Flat my arse

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