Sunday, February 28, 2010

My current projects

I love Star Wars, well the original three anyway, and have taken inspiration from some cross stitch projects in the Flickr group Subversive Cross Stitch which have a Star Wars related theme. So here are some teaser pictures of my new needlework in progress:

That's no moon....

craft, that's no moon, needlework.....It's a space station

craft, star wars, needlework, death starthe weapon systems on this Death Star are not yet operational

but wait.............IT'S A TRAP

craft, star wars, needlework, death star
I'm making this for a surprise party which has a Star Wars theme so will be posting other items I will be creating in the future.

I've also made this fleece hat based on a pattern by Heather at dollar store crafts. It is modelled by the Hamster from Creature Comforts. Unfortunately I didn't have the pattern when I sewed it so my ears are a little high and small. If you haven't guessed it's meant to be Yoda not just some random green monster :)

craft, star wars, sewing, Yoda, feltjudge me by my size do you?

May the force be with you


jymima said...

love your nappy bag and yoda hat, do you sell them? if you do could you email me at x

dishevelledmind said...

hi, sorry haven't been on the blog for ages. I don't sell the items that I make from other peoples patterns which the nappy bag and hat are from. There are links to both of them in their respective posts and aren't that hard to make :)