Friday, March 26, 2010

The nappy bag of swirliness

Both my friend and the sister of He Who Shall Not Be Named are expecting the patter of tiny claws hooves feet and I have decided to sew stuff for them.

I found a pattern and instructions for this hip mama diaper bag on the blog A Mingled Yarn. Of course we don't call them diapers in the UK so I have christened it the nappy bag of swirliness

It's almost really straight forward except for sewing the corners which I only perfected with my second last one so there was a lot of unpicking and swearing going on. At least for the next one the amounts of F's and C's I utter should be fairly limited.

So here is the finished product of the one I made for my friend who is due in July.

I also created a tag by using a iron on transfer however it's not very flexible and I doubt it will stand the test of time so I might fork out some dosh and get some made so I can add them to everything I make.

I love skulls :)

I have a bit more time until the sister of He Who Shall Not Be Named pop's out her bundle of nappiness so that's taken a back seat as I get ready for the Star Wars party I am organising, however I will post pictures when I am done.

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