Sunday, September 04, 2011

back again, again

So, yes I've been gone again for ages but a lot has happened since my last post:

1. he who shall not be named had a job change
2. we've been 'enjoying' the trials of fertility treatment 
3. working full time always gets in the way
oh and...
4. we moved countries!

So as you can see all my time has been all taken up living outside the interwebs which is always sad as the real world has so many less distractions which means I have to be productive :(

So far no luck on the baby front but now I'm a lady of leisure I'll have more time to craft and blog so expect more :)

For now here is a picture of a subversive cross stitch that I did for a good friend of mine before I left her in the pits to continue her slavery to my former masters

PS - I now live in Doha in the Middle East which is very conservative and was surprised to hear 'I touch myself' by the Divinyls playing on the radio - it was like a little bit of rebellion in song :)

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